Name: Camila Morrone
Profession: Actress, Model
Nationality: Argentinian-American
Zodiac sign:  Gemini
Instagram: @camilamorrone

On October 4th CHANEL presented their Spring-Summer 2023 at the Grand Palais Éphémère, in Paris. As imagined by Virginie Viard, the show presented a series of films starring Kristen Stewart which accompanied the models down the runway. It exposed an imaginary world confronted with itself, offering variations on the theme of allure. Amongst guests in attendance was Argentinian-American actress Camila Morrone. We sat down with her to discuss life in Los Angeles, the many degrees of latinness and her relationship with the French label.

LATINNESS: Camila, thank you so much for taking the time to sit with us. Both your parents are Argentinian. What was your experience like growing up as a Latina in Los Angeles where the Latin culture is perhaps not as prevalent as it is in Miami or other places?

CAMILA: I was just going to say that Miami has all of the Argentinians. I didn’t have a very big Argentinean culture in L.A. because my mom moved there in 1997. It was really just us–  me and my mom and my dad– but we made sure to go to Argentina at least once a year for holidays. 

There’s un mercado Buenos Aires in L.A. so my mom and dad would take me there to keep the culture of empanadas, chimichurri and asado, mate and all the things that kind of bring us back to our home. We tried to bring a little bit of Argentina into our home, but I do very much consider myself Latina, because it was my first language. My parents didn’t speak English when they came to America. I consider myself an American with a very big Latin background.

LATINNESS: Can you walk us through a day in your life? Perhaps a day like today when you come to the CHANEL fashion show?

CAMILA: Oh, a day in my life is not like this at all. My life is not this glamorous. I’m going to put that out there. But, a day in the life… Well, it depends. 

I just filmed three projects where I didn’t really have a personal life. It was just work life. When I’m filming, it’s kind of like a marathon, you’re running on low energy and just getting out of the house and getting to work. 

On a normal day when I’m not working, it starts with coffee and a matcha and maybe a walk with my dogs–  I’ve got two dogs. Maybe some sort of physical movement, and then I get ready for the day, go into my meetings and zooms, etc. I take care of myself when I need to, and know how to rein it in when I need some personal time. So I don’t live this glamorous life every day. I wish I did.

LATINNESS: What was your first memory with CHANEL? We all have one.

CAMILA: Yes, we all have one. My mom has had the perfume in our bathroom on a beautiful silver tray that she got when she was married to my father as a wedding gift. 

I just moved into a new home, and my mom brought her little CHANEL on the little silver tray. It’s the only thing on the tray, and it’s a centerpiece in my bathroom. Besides wearing it, which of course, my mom wore it her whole life, it’s just like my one showcase fancy piece. I feel like it’s a transition into adulthood when you get your first CHANEL perfume.

LATINNESS: Argentinian girls, much like French girls, are known for their effortless style and natural beauty. Can you identify with this?

CAMILA: Yeah, Argentinian women are similar to French women– they dress with a certain level of elegance. I feel in France, the women do put an effort to present themselves in a classy, beautiful way.

In America, sometimes I get lazy and used to the culture of walking out the door in sweatpants. Now being back in France, I’m re-inspired to kind of have that timeless elegance that’s effortless. I think Argentinean and French women just have it.


LATINNESS: Did any of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2023 looks resonate with your personal style? Which was your favorite?

CAMILA: Oh, I loved the black and white dress at the end. I like all of the ear cuffs and the way that they dangle. They’re so rock and roll and cool and young– you can wear them with a t-shirt or on a red carpet, and I love that versatility. 

I love the take on the shoes that I have a bunch of pairs of, but I’ve never seen them in crystalized silver, which is incredible. All the stuff with the feathers I loved. I don’t think I’ve seen that, but this is my first CHANEL show ever.


LATINNESS: This is your first show! How do you feel?

CAMILA: I’m on cloud nine. I loved every outfit. I’ll take anything they want to give me. I’ll wear it wherever– I’ll wear it to the grocery store. I’ll wear anything they want to throw at me!

LATINNESS: For the last question: what do you love most about your Latin culture?

CAMILA: We are fiery, tenemos personalidad, tenemos opiniones. We are very welcoming. I think in the Latin culture, similar to Israeli and Middle Eastern, there’s a big element of inclusivity, like inviting people to your home and kind of an open door policy. I really like that Latinos will just let you come and eat at their house whenever you want, como italianos. It’s just very welcoming and everyone’s part of the community, like when I meet other Latinos like you.

Images courtesy of CHANEL.